Western Australia
COVID19 regulations governing entry into Western Australia:
Western Australian controlled border restrictions apply for those arriving from the east. A G2G pass is required (https://www.g2gpass.com.au/apply).
We also recommend that you download the SafeWA app as it will be useful at many venues within Western Australia (https://safewa.health.wa.gov.au/individuals).


A permit is required for travel along these roads:


1. between Yeo and Yamarna on the Anne Beadell Highway


Permits are issued by the WA Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.


Information can be found here.


Click here to apply for a permit

For travel along the Great Central Road from Laverton to the Northern Territory border and travel along the Connie Sue Highway from Neale Junction to Warburton, click here to apply for a permit.


No permits are required for travel along these roads:


1. from Yeo to the South Australian border on Anne Beadell Highway

2. travel south from Neale Junction along the Connie Sue Highway


No permits are issued for travel on the Business Road north and south of Ilkurlka






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Paupiyala Tjarutja Aboriginal Corporation
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Ilkurlka update 26 December 2021

There are border restrictions which restrict entry across the South Australian border into Western Australia.

As there is also uncertainty around the spread of COVID19 in the Perth region, we have taken the decision to close the roadhouse during January 2022.

We regret that we have had to close during January but we must manage the risk of COVID19 entering our communities.





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